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Manual medicine

Manual therapy

Terapia manualna

This is an up-to-date, individual, physiotherapeutic system of locomotive organ dysfunction treatments. It consists in diagnosing and treating structural disorders of the locomotive organs: joints, muscles and nerves. The manual therapy is composed of appropriate tests, detecting disorders of mobility, as well as techniques aiming to restore a proper joint game and balance of the muscle work. All the above techniques are performed manually by the therapist. They are based on mobilisations and adjustments applied to the spine and limb joints, but also on applying pressure to soft tissues (muscles, fascia, ligaments, tendons), which, in turn, stimulates the nervous system. To complement the training session with a therapist, we teach self-mobilisation exercises, which you perform on your own at home, and which improve, or maintain, proper mobility. Duration of the session: 40 min.
duration:60minutes Prices from:150PLN

Terapia manualna

duration:30minutes Prices from:95PLN
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