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Ideas fo the enjoyable leisure Spa Package Four Elements

The package is designed for all those who desire to improve their health and liberate the natural vital forces necessary in the process of building the body's immunity, obtaining the balance of the body, mind and spirit, and thus who wants to connect with Mother Earth. The dominant element in us determines our needs, manifested in the way we care for health both physically and mentally, according to the philosophy of characteristics suitable for the four elements: fire, water, air and earth, which are separate proposals of treatment kits.

FIRE is the driving force behind life. Fire Package is designed for all those who need intensive forms of work on themselves. Energetic classes with a personal trainer will improve the efficiency and efficiency of the body, shape strength and increase endurance capabilities. Isometric massage will strengthen the muscles, restoring their correct mass and strength. Fitvibe Medical vibrating platform, using mechanical vibrations transmitted to muscles and tendons, causes their stretching and then unconditional tension, thanks to which the condition, motor coordination, muscle strength and bone density are significantly improved. By mimicking physiological vibrations, a level of muscle tension similar to tension is observed, which occurs during gruelling strength training with a high load.

Treatments included:

  • Intensive training with personal trainer – 1 pc/ 2 days
  • isometric massage 15 min or classes on the Fitvibe Medical vibrating platform – 1 pcs / 2 day
  • 2 treatments per day individually selected by a doctor or physiotherapist

WATER is a proposal for all those who want peace, silence, blissful relaxation from hydrotherapy. Dry water bed massage, combining three elements: strength, heat and water, decides on the unique effects of therapy, which allows you to eliminate daily tensions, fatigues and stress. Scotch whips have a stabilizing effect on the autonomic nervous system, increase the body's immunity, stimulate circulation and breathing and metabolism. Automatic underwater massage improves blood circulation, relaxes muscles and increases lymphoma. In turn, cosmetic bath is not only deep relaxation and relaxation, but also a lotion for the skin, which thanks to the used salts and powders for bathing, becomes moisturized, smoothed and moisturized. In addition, daily exercises in water – kinesitherapy in the pool – will restore efficiency, improve physical condition, without excessive joint load.

Treatment sincluded:

  • Scotch whips or dry water bed massage "Hydrojet" – 1 pcs / 2 day
  • automatic underwater massage or cosmetic SPA bath with wine light – 1 pcs / 2 day
  • daily group kinesitherapy in the pool
  • 2 treatments per day individually selected by a doctor or physiotherapist 

AIR is an alternative for all those who want to take care of their lungs and give an impetus to strengthen the protection of their immune system. The spirometry test will measure the volume and capacity of the lungs and the airflows found in the lungs and bronchial spurts at different phases of the respiratory cycle, enabling the volume of exhaled air to be measured and the flow rate during inhalation and exhalation. Breathing classes "Healthy Lungs" will increase muscle strength and elasticity of the respiratory muscles – major and auxiliary, activate most of the functional space of the lungs, as well as increase respiratory capacity. Inhalations with brine mist will cleanse and moisturize the respiratory tract, regenerate the shutter epithelium, remove the spasm of the smooth muscles of the bronchi, as well as eliminate bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Complemented by training on an anti-gravity treadmill , a device using NASA's unique air differential technology, which can relieve human mass during exercise up to 80%. The treadmill allows you to conduct longer and more intense workouts with exceeding the speed barrier, improving oxygen efficiency, developing and maintaining perfect condition, at the same time, due to joint relief, ensuring the safety of exercise for untrained people.

Treatment sincluded:

  • spirometry test
  • breathing classes "Healthy Lungs" – 1 pc for 2 days
  • inhalations with brine / training on an anti-gravity treadmill – 1 pc. for 2 2 2 2 000
  • 2 treatments per day individually selected by a doctor or physiotherapist

EARTH, associated with stability and the foundation of all actions, is a proposal for all those who want to find peace, harmony and balance of body and spirit. Individual psychosomatic session with a physiotherapist, will allow the body to cope with stress and release emotions. A special method of working with the body – TRE(Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercise), based on, the assumption that any traumatic experience, regardless of the ground, is reflected in the body, allows to reduce tension and trauma through vibrations (neurogenic tremors) caused by appropriate exercises. In turn, bathing in mud suspension will cause hyperemia of deep-located muscles, causing them to relax. During bathing, toxic substances of cellular metabolism are also excreted more quickly and deacidification processes with anti-inflammatory properties take place.

Each participant of the package will be able to take part in psychological and coaching workshops on methods of coping with stress. Classes are held once a week, according to a schedule set individually with a physiotherapist.

Treatments included:

  • bathing in mud suspension – 1 pc. / 2 day
  • muscle relaxation exercises reducing tension and trauma (e.g. TRE - Tension and Trauma Releasing Exercises)– 1pcs. / 2 day
  • 2 treatments per day individually selected by a doctor or physiotherapist, including a psychosomatic session – min. 1 pc. for stay
  • Possibility to use stress coping workshops – classes conducted once a week, after meeting a group of min. 5 people

In addition, for all:

Medical or physiotherapy consultation

Daily aqua fitness classes

Unlimited access to the Wellness area (swimming pool, jacuzzi, Kneipp path, sauna complex – Finnish, steam, infrared, biosauna)

Unlimited access to the cardio class

Important information

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Departure: to 12:00

Cancel the reservation: To confirm this reservation whole stay amount needs to be paid upfront. In case of cancellation, modifications or not showing up at the arrival date no refunds will be made.

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