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Zdrowy Kręgosłup

exercises conducted in form of group activities. The main aim of the tratment is to improve the muscle trophics and correct the posture of the body. Training is both a preventive and a therapy for back pain. It allows to restore optimal elasticity of contractured tissues and increase the range of mobility in the joints. Particular attention is paid to strengthening deep muscles responsible for stabilizing the spine and the muscles which define the pelvis’ position, among others buttocks, abdomen and hips. Duration of the session: 30 min. Frequency: every day or every second day.

duration:30minutes Prices from:25PLN

Kinezyterapia indywidualna

duration:30minutes Prices from:75PLN
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Bieżnia antygrawitacyjna

duration:30minutes Prices from:35PLN
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Kinezyterapia grupowa w basenie

duration:30minutes Prices from:30PLN
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Kinezyterapia indywidualna w basenie

duration:30minutes Prices from:50PLN
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